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“The greatest religion in the world is the love for humanity. The essence of all the religions is our own real worth; otherwise it is of no use…”

IRMINA Stiles, alias SANTAIKA is a Virginia Beach, VA Artist, Healer and Founder of HAC. She was born in Kaunas, Lithuania and studied Visual Arts at the Vilnius Justinas Vienozinskis Art School, Class of R.Vaitekunas. Some years later, when she moved to Switzerland, she resumed her research in the Arts, and studied Ceramic and Pottery under Anne-Chantal Pitteloud at Sion and Oil Painting under Ghislaine Varone at Saviese.

Irmina’s main focus is Religious & Healing Art, most specifically, her representation of the Divine in female form, which is not a “women only” concept, but also has a masculine energy. Within the various traditions of male dominated religions, such as Romuva, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and others, exist significant examples of feminine imagery, such as the Holy Nature Spirit, as the Virgin Mother of God or as the Great Mother, each of which has one of the highest positions in the religious hierarchy and society.

I.Santaika “writes” her paintings in a mixture of the late Byzantine Iconography and the early Renaissance era styles, and talks about the spiritual beauty, wisdom, love and contemplative prayer of the Divine Feminine. Irmina believes that the mind, soul, body and spirit of the person deep in meditation or prayer, becomes still, attentive, peaceful and constantly receptive to the presence of Highest Self. It is also her belief that no power in this world is stronger than Mother’s Love, because this is the most perfect example of GOD’s creative power on Earth.